Hi, my name is Eivind

Licensed since 1973 (Class A)

Callsign: OZ1QX

Home QTH: Roedovre (near Copenhagen), Denmark.

Locator: JO65FQ ITU Zone: 18 CQ Zone: 14


I have been off bands since 1983, but after 32 years and as retired I am now back to

“The best hobby in the World” in 2015 with great joy and a lot of fun.



IC-7300 transceiver for HF, mainly controlled from HRD via CAT interface.

Yaesu FT 8900R for 6m, 10m and VHF/UHF bands.

Baofeng UV5R for the VHF/UHF bands.

Acom 1000 Amplifier

LDG AT-1000ProII Autotuner

MFJ-929 Autotuner

KK7UQ IMD meter

Bird Wattmeter model 43

ASUS 2.4 GHz laptop / Win 10 Pro 64.

Software: MMSSTV v.1.13a / MMTTY / Ham Radio Deluxe v.6 / WSJT-X / KG-STV / SIM31_SIM63 /

N1MM Logger+


HF antenna is a homemade (13,8 / 27,7) meters OCF dipole (Windom) with a 4:1 current balun,

working on 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 meters.

The SWR is better than 1:2.0 on all these bands. 60, 30 and 15 meters are also covered

using my LDG AT-10000ProII ATU. The antenna is mounted as an inverted V with the feeding point placed

6 meters above ground and the (folded) wires ending 4 meters above ground.


On the same mast I have a 1/2 wave vertical antenna for use on 10 meters (not least 29.600 FM), and a

tri band (3 elm.) HF yagi (Mini 2000) driven by a Yaesu rotator type G-650C.

On a new mast I have a Midland GP X-50 antenna for VHF/UHF bands.


For the moment I run a lot of BPSK, SSTV and JT65/JT9/FT8 QSO’s on the bands. BPSK Tx quality is controlled with my KK7UQ IMD meters.